mercredi 23 novembre 2011


la place Tahrir se remobilise, bachar a toujours rien compris, offrons cet episode a tous ceux qui n'ont pas le temps d'ecouter la radio...

barry gray - Century 21 Sting
gnonnas pedro & his dadjes band - dadje von o von von / legends of benin
patti jo - ain't no love lost / the return of the funk soul sisters
Ghengis Kyle & The Horde -“Bakit Ba” (MRC MAITIM) 7"
sarah webster fabio - glimpses / fly girls
dave hamilton - pisces pace / dave hamilton's detroit funk
M.I.S.T - life walked out / eccentric soul twinight's lunar rotation
allen toussaint - gone too far / life love and faith
the wild magnolias - ah anka ting tang boo shanka boo / they call us wild
philip cohran and the artistic heritage ensemble - detroid red / the malcolm x memorial
chocolate clay - I ain't mad at you / chocolateclay
bjorn tosrke - fembussen hjem / feil knapp 2007
jim sullivan - ufo / U.F.O 1969
the byrds - john riley / fifth dimension 1966
oliver nelson - lamb of god / black brown and beautiful 1969
meshell ndegeocello - dirty world / weather 2011
lyn christopher - take me with you

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