dimanche 5 février 2012


1/Funky 16 corners – the rhythm machine - the kick
2/Scetchbook- the buddha fights too
3/Blu & Exit
5/Prefuse 73 – smoking red
6/Mr Lif- heavy artillery
7/David axelrod- song of innocence
8/Absolute Fusion- toccata y fug
9/Mc Paul Barman- paullelujah
10 / 1000 names- machine city
11/Mick Slott- soul investigators
12/Beastie Boys- hold it now, hit it
13/Ultramagnetic MC’s – Ega trippin
14/The Cool Kids - Roll Call
15/Crizzly- bust it wide open
16/ Baleine 3000 – the schnog
17/ Velvet Underground - Venus in Furs