mardi 17 mai 2011


spiros peristeris - o tekedsis 1934/ rembetika:songs of the greek underground
Hollagramz - spectral crush / spectral crush ep 2011
Ray Charles - I've got a woman
Shlomi Aber - New York dreamer
walt dickerson trio - inner view / serenditpity 1976
Minority Band - spanish fly / journey to the shore 1980
Sandra Wright - midnight affair / wounded woman 1974
Kåre & The Cavemen - gallery oslo 1999
Count Bass D - drug abusage / begborrowsteel 2004
mordant music - hummdrumm / picking o'er the bones
The Special A.K.A. - racist friend / in the studio 1984
Jason - ? / 4am 2011
mama!milk - i hate wet / mama!milk meets#3 yoshiyuki toyoshima
the boris gardiner happening feat leslie butler - ghetto funk / darker than blue: soul from jamdown
harold vick - senor zamora / strata 2 east
Oliver Nelson - lamb of god / black brown & beautiful 1969
Michel Polnareff - lipstick / lipstick soundtrack 1976
Mathias Eick - edinburgh / skala 2011
Jason - ? / 4am 2011

5 commentaires:

  1. Thanks for playing a couple of my songs.Dope selections on the mix btw.

    Jason... frothn...out in sunny los angeles.

  2. you're most welcome Jason! we're suckers for your frothn sound, please let us know when you get more .-))

  3. I do have more. I have a 30 track beat tape I burn for more progressive listeners. It's more jazzy and downbeat. Reggae beats, soul, funk, afropop, westcoast squeely keyboards. The whole thing. If you have an address Ill burn a hardcopy and mail it to you. Unreleased. Beats for the real record heads...

  4. up for it!
    Could send your email address here and I'll forward my physical address there?
    can't wait!

  5. Ill send my email to the contact address on this page. The clapyohandz@gmail.